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Positive thinking

This can be a subject that can be harder than you think to grasp, the question is what you feel ready to take in. It sounds easy and obvious at first but when you start to understand the deeper dimensions you will find that there is more to get here.

When we truly understand why we must first believe that we can, before we can, then we are starting to get it. When we see how energies tend to attract like energy, then we are really closer to getting wiser.

One way to start reading about it could be a book of Anthony Robbins; "Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement". Anthony Robbins also works with NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a kind of "reprogramming" of our minds, or of the way we think and the way we behave. It sounds a bit strange but it is  quite logical. It is about changing the areas in which we have problems,  but you really have to want to change, as you are the one who has to do it. Look at and view many more books by him.

The famous television celebrity Paul McKenna has also studied NLP and is using these techniques together with hypnosis, for which he is more known. Anyone interested can for example read  "Change Your Life in 7 Days" or "Instant Confidence". The book Instant Confidence is about self-esteem. Since this is an area where it is extra hard to transform ourselves and it can be a good idea to try and use hypnosis. But we need to persist when we start with these new things anyway, there is no quick fix. Visit and find out more.

Another way could be to go to a Silva course, in "The Silva Method". José Silva  studied what differentiate the successful people and geniuses from ordinary people. He tried to understand what distinguished them form others who did not succed equally well. José Silva himself passed away 1999 but here you can view a short presentation by his daughter, Laura Silva on the link below and take the opportunity to download for free, click here;
9 free audio and online lessons in english.

Silva cources can of course be found in America, where it started 1966, for any other country try and google "Silva Method" in your own language. I think that there also are a few books written. One I know of is called "The Silva Mind Control Method for Mental Dynamics" by José Silva and Burt Goldman. Visit the website

To think with the heart, is that to be positive? It can be a good advice but it can easily be misunderstood. Many of us may be so fixed in our internal struggles, our compitition, our anger, our hatred and our desire for revenge than we do not want to or even can release these thoughts.  Our wounded ego might cry out for redress or vindication and we may think that we are really entitled to it. Here, "The Work" of Byron Katie can be an eye opener.

Click on
'The Work' and go to Katie's website. Here you can many things to look and to listen to. In her books "Loving What Is" and "I Need Your Love; Is That True? she tries to describe that everything really just IS. It is our way we interpret and the way we look at "what is" that give us our problems. When we evaluate that which we perceive and interpret do we really emanate from an open and loving heart? Do we strive for the highest good for all or do we rather want to be right ourselves and just get our own way? Try for one day to neutralize all of your usual reactions by seeing all that goes on around you through a perspective that everything just "is the way it is" no more than that. And leave out you reactions, just observe what happens.

The Secret

Rhonda Byrne, the woman who wrote the book "The Secret" and also made the film with the same name was inspired by the book "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D Wattle.  Now you might believe that everything is just about earning money or becoming rich. It is certainly a part of it but only one part. If you look deeper you will find that it is about growing as a human and about a persons development on a deep level. At least that is how I choose to see it. The money is a bonus on top of that.

In short one might say that it is about keeping good things in you mind, visulize them and hold on to your dreams. By being persistant and working towards it, it can manifest and materialize. It makes you happier to think in this way. If you get stuck in thinking about things that you do not want to happen or what you think cannot work or about the worst that could happen. You will not only get miserable but you can also without being aware of it make this your reality. Why life works like this might be hard to understand. We can choose what we think about and thus choose our very own thoughts. We can also choose what we want to believe. And I agree with the book that what we think about is very important. Our words are powerful. The book has many refrences to various writers in the genre of "New Thought", motivational or success literature, which is more or less the same thing but with many different names.

The way successful people think

A famous writer in the genre of success literature is Napoleon Hill. His well-known book; "Think & Grow Rich" has stories about successful people and their thinking. Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of successful people in America and the book is really about the way successful people think. It is about the power of thinking, about setting goals, autosuggestion, the power of belief and imagination as well as about perseverance, the power of you subconscious, you intuition and much more. It is something of a "bible" for many of the students in this kind of material.

Eternal universal principles

Another author is Raymond Holliwell, and a book to read could be "Working With the Law". For them who find it difficult to read books about "God" do not let this put you off. Change the word "God" as a concept to  the word "Energy" or "The unified field" or "Divinity" or what ever that suit you better. The power or the force that moves the tides, ebb and flow, the force that keeps the planets in motion, the power that is holding the atoms together or making sure the sun rises every morning has many names. Simply choose a name that you feel familiar with and read the book anyway. 

In this text ext "the Law" refers to certain universal eternal principles. Ways things will happen if certain conditions exists and things are set in motion in a certain way. In this case, by the way we choose to think, act and react. Many authors speak of similar or the same thing. When reading many different books we see the same things appear but they are described from a different angle. In "The Secret"  it is about "the Law of Attraction". In Raymond Holliwell's book there is many more "laws", such as The Law of Increase and the Law of Sacrifice. These laws have been called many things; universal laws, laws of nature, cosmic laws, divine laws, laws of the mind as well as Gods laws.   They can also be looked upon as; it is about what happens when we set natural energies in motion in a certain way. Thoughts are energy and when we think our thoughts it moves energies and sets other kinds of energy in motion.  Try to think this way and you will be surprised.

The author hor Barbara Berger describes a similar idea in her book "Mental Technology - Software for your hardware". She means to say that mental technology describes the use of "mental laws" or principles that governs the way of the mind and that they show how mental phenomena works. Just to mention a few; The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Focus and the Law of Manifesting.

Thinking and your subconscious

A book that I like very much is Joseph Murphy's "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind". There are chapters such as "How Your Mind Works" and "The Tendency of the Subconscious Is Lifeward". This book made me start to really think. It made me realize the power of our thoughts. And that it is not only what we are aware of but also the things that we are unware of that makes us do the things we do. This and Napoleon Hill´s book above was the first books I read in this gengre of American self-help books.

"Master your mind and you master your world" 




Master you own world of thoughts

We can choose that we want to think about, but that does not mean it's easy or that we all do it. If it were easy then of course everyone would already be doing it. It's about habits of mind. But it helps if you can understand how the thinking works. James Allen's Bok "As a Man Thinketh" is a good book. It tells us, like many others that we become what we think about. Our most dominant thoughts shapes us and our character. Texts like these awake us and make us become aware to what we usually do think about.

If you have seen the movie "The Secret", you might remember BobProctor. Visit . Here you can find many interesting things. Here you can for free download his book "You were born Rich". As the other books it is about how you think if you want to become successful. There is only one chapter on money. The idea is to grow and develop through active thinking. Bob has done a variety of different programs some of them based on books, including "Working with the Law" by Raymond Holliwell.  This program Bob made together with Mary Manin Morrissey. Mary has studied with Dr Holliwell in the 70's. Here you can visit Mary's web-site;

Do you want to be "coached" by Bob Proctor every weekday with small video clip? Listen to Bob talking about the Six Minutes to Success?

It is a great way to stay focused on what you want with your life and be helped to follow your own goals and he will of course give you a lot of good information for you inner growing as well as for how to succeed and create money in your life.

Below you can see Bob Proctor himself say; 
Video no 1 ,      Video no 2,    and   Video no 3.

Goal-setting and visualization

When it comes to visualization by using our own imagination to create there is always Shakti Gawain's bok "Creative Visualization" to read and by inspired by.

Thinking from another perspective

Anyone who is brave enough to tackle the Theosophical way of thinking can read Annie Besant's "Thought Power". It is a fairly thin book, but it contains things that can make you look at thinking in a whole new way. Here it is important to have a very open mind.

More on energy and thoughts

For those who never heard of Masaru Emoto and his books, I heartily recommend them; "The True Power of Water" or "The Hidden Messages in Water" are two of them, but there are many more. Visit and take a good look around. Masaru Emotos research on water, frozen water crystals from different kinds of water. After the water has been talked to, played music to and so on are magical to say the least. It makes you think about many things, the power of love and kindness as well as the power of thoughts and words. Try it yourself, write loving words on a small piece of paper and tape them on a glass of water or maybe somewhere on yourself...

How does a mystic think?

A person that comes close to God, the Oneness or their own inner power through their own inner self by turning within. That is how I percieve a mystic. By turning within we can reach the place inside where we have the ability to reconnect to "All that Is".  By going in to the stillness and through different types of meditations there might be a way. As I see it, it differs from congregations and churches where you need a priest. You walk you own way towards God. Some may argue that this is not the exact interpretation, but that is how I see it. A mystic wants to experience God and it is about the individuals own soul-connection direct to God without the "middle-hand". Some people have a longing towards this feeling of experiencing the oneness within and some of them actually do start out on a journey of their own. There might be periods of teacher-student situations but it is a journey to be made mostly in reading, quitude, reflection and stillness. Some find their most sacred moments alone in the mountains, or in the forest or in the desert and so on.

In this way we can also bring in a spiritual aspect. But even so the books I read are of many different types. I highly recommend Christopher Hansard's books "Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking", "The Tibetan Art of Living" och "The Tibetan Art of Serenity". See that is the publisher's website. It is about a spiritual way and thinking that has existed long before the Buddhism in Tibet, "the teachings of Bon", which is considered to be 17.000 years old.

But here I like literature from aboriginal people with their beliefs still connected to nature. I love nature and the idea that all in nature has spirit, is something that I can relate to. That we can feel the Oneness with "All that Is" in the nature. If we are sitting in the forest, by the sea or a lake or walking in the mountains we can try to connect with the spirit of our planet. Because we come from star-dust and as I see it we are all one with the great whole. Therefore whatever way we think about it, we belong together. The journey is about finding, reconnecting with and the healing of our own spirit.

Eckhart Tolle's books are well-known and well worth reading. Some people get stuck while reading them, others never seem to finish them and others love them. "A New Earth","Stillness Speaks" and "The Power of Now" are tips to consider.

Osho's books are easy to read and they are fun to read. His "speeches or lectures" are written down in book form. What he says is spiced up with funny stories and they also makes you think. Try anyone you feel drawn to, I believe that they are all good. These are some of mine; "Tao: The Pathless Path", "Yoga: The Science of the Soul", "Creativity", "Intuition", "Awareness" or "Courage".

There is perhaps much better examples of what a mystic is, but these books are relatively easy to read and perhaps give some sense of what I mean, when I speak of a spiritual level. The sense of connecting with the oneness or "All that Is".

For those who are interested in Arabic literature, try Sufism, maybe it will attract you more. The quotes and texts of Rumi are now becoming more known to us in the west.

When it comes to christian mysticism, I am still looking. Any suggestions?

Where to find books?

Well, as you see the list can go on and on. But here you have a little something on the way. I have read a lot of books and most of them has a little golden nugget somewhere. And we are all different as to what we like to read. But you can write me a question or browse in any of these or maybe you find something else.

Bookstore with esoteric books you can find in many places these days   online. But if you can't find any I am sure that if nowhere else, you can find them at  

Bookstore with esoteric books online in Stockholm; .Juno is a very small bookshop i Stockholm. Here they also have a good collection but they do not have a shop on line but they have a list and you can mail them


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