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December 12, 2010

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Awake the Master of your mind

"Master your mind and you master your world" 

Have you ever been thinking about how your thinking actually works? What do you think comes first, your feelings, your thoughts or all the circumstances in your life? Do you believe that the way you think can influence the way your own life unfolds?

Each and every one of us has a slumbering capability that we can breathe life into. A capability to master the daily stream of thoughts we have within. If we can wake up the "Captain" or the "Master" within us, we will find ourselves on a new path leading us in to a new phase in life. When we are consciously thinking or keeping watch over our thoughts we will slowly but surely discover that we can choose our thoughts. At least we can decide which ones we like to hold on to. Have you ever had the experience that you have felt utterly overwhelmed by your own thoughts? Or been wondering if there is anything you can do about all those thoughts that race around in your head? In mind there is a process going on that works according certain "laws of nature" or we could say that mind works in the way that comes most natural for your thinking faculty, if you so wish. These ways can be crystallized down into principles or "laws".

If you really wish to start an inner journey that can lead you from a state of inner "chaos" to inner clarity you might consider reflecting over your own way of thinking. If you can trust that you really do have the ability to change and grow. You might wake up a desire to change. By that very desire and wish for change you will be guided to put up new goals in your life. After having done that you can start navigating your life by a new focus or a new vision. A vision is the inner mental picture of our dream we deep down inside would love to see in our life as a reality. By constantly working on in this in our fantasy and with the power of our imagination, we will make it a lot better and much clearer as we let our thoughts linger by our dream. By practicing this we are learning to choose our thoughts and also learning to master our mind, by being more and more aware of what kind of thoughts we actually do have in our head every day. For those of you who have not yet consciously considered this, there is a whole new world here to explore and discover. When we start doing this many of us realize that we tend to spend more time thinking about things we do not want to think about, than we spend on thinking about things that we want to think about.

You have within you the ability to take hold of yourself and your own life in a new way. Start the journey which will lead to a transformation from the inside and out. Soon you can wake up in the middle of an inner adventure that will never ever end. Let yourself be enchanted with life itself. 

There is only one person that you can do this inner journey with, and that is yourself. We can do the same thing but not together and this can make us feel a little alone somehow. Sometimes it can be nice to have someone to share thoughts with. Tankesinnet.se has started as an idea to be of help along the way. The articles here can stimulate you to focus on new things that you have not thought of before by pointing out things to have in mind on as you journey within. Like road signs or pointers these articles may help you to be more aware and become better at looking out for and discover new signs that can be useful for you to find as your journey stretches out in time. During which time the inner part of you are growing as well as unfolding and developing. Life can be an adventure if you know what to look for. Come, be still and listen, can you hear the song of your own heart...?


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www.Tankesinnet.se started in March 2008 and is under development. English is not my native language so please be patient as I am now working on translating the material into english. In the mean time feel free to enjoy the pictures and some of the quotes that is already is in english on the swedish pages. The website is continually being worked on, though sometimes life gets in between.

If you wish to contact me, the author and photographer, you are welcome to write me a line at Annette@tankesinnet.se

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