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If we in our mind returns to a place where we once have been. We can rediscover that which we have experienced. When we in our mind return we can recall the past and look back over it in a more tender and also a much deeper way. When we look back with stillness in our mind we can become more aware. This can happen when we allow ourself the time we need to reflect in a calm way and with an open heart.

To recall our past can in some way be compared with walking back in our own footsteps which we once made and shaped a long time ago. One step at a time we walk backwards in our memory and slowly the past unfolds. In our mind we relive it all over again. Our own traces can be the starting point from where we once again can observe what took place. But this time we can observe it in a different light and from an other angel and with a greater distance than before. 

Reviewing our memories we slowly go through it all once again but this time we have an other experience within us than we had before when it all happened and when we did as we did. Now when we in this way contemplate we are in fact an other person, we are not the same as we once where. Everything we have been through in between what once happened and until this day has literally changed us. This means that we have the ability to go deep into our mind and see the past events with new eyes and in a new light and we might see things with an awareness we did not have before. Which can make it possible for us to see with our minds eye something completely new which we were not able to see when it actually did happened.



To be yourself in a world
which is constantly doing its best
to make  you into everybody else
means to fight the hardest battle
any human being can fight.

E E Cummings

1. Introduction page 1 

How do you really think?

Have you ever really thought of it? How you think or in what way the "thinking" really works? Have you ever been wondering over who or what it is that thinks? What it is within you that call forth all your thoughts that you have in your head all day long? It might be considered a strange question, but it is put here for a reason.

It is by reflecting over thoughts like these during some time that we can reach certain insights that actually proves to be more useful for our inner development than we first initially might think. Even though it seems extremely unfamiliar to us and far-fetched the first time we hear or read about it. But the deeper we look into this and search with intensity, the more insights start to work themselves up to our conscious mind. 

Now, why would I do that? What is the meaning of all this? You might say. Isn't it so we often tend do think? Why should I put in so much work and where does it all lead up to?

"Know thy self"

The ancient Greek philosophic thinkers arrived to this. The ancient mystics i every corner of the world has arrived to it. The new thinkers from this day and age also arrive to the same conclusion; the road sooner or later always leads back to us and into our own inner self. How our lives become rests upon what we have inside of us. It doesn't matter how persistently or frenetic we keep on trying to find all our solutions outside ourselves. The answers reside inside of us. In the innermost and deepest recesses of our soul if you so will. The answer to the mystic enigma of life is hidden within the depth of our inner self.

There is many people who very much fears the "risk" or the "possibility" to come really close to and finally stand as near as face to face with their own self. As if this meeting would be the worst that could ever happen in life. It is not until we actually understand, that it is in confronting ourselves so that we can see us clearly, that we deeply can understand and clearly see others. When this insight finally reaches us, we begin to understand that the time we have spent reflecting, contemplating and searching is beginning to pay off. When we feel alienated from others, it first and foremost has to do with our lack of closeness to our own self.

A similar insight can reach some of them who for some reason been very close to dying. When they "return" to life they have a tendency to open up to life with a deeper passion and with all their senses much more wide open than they had before. They feel the urge to live life with a greater awareness compared to what they did before. At this stage can be realized that something in the now is different to what was before and that something within our self was holding us back. Another insight might reach us when we are able to more honestly love ourselves and look upon ourselves with a deeper compassion. It is not until then that we are starting to realize what it is to truly love someone else, with the whole and limitless universe that exist inside of us. It is when we experience moments like these that we will start to reevaluate how we look upon life itself.

Nobody is just like you

Many are the misunderstandings that are due to the fact that we have not completely or fully understood that we, all of us, every single one of us, are a thoroughly unique living being. Nobody is a copy of another and no one thinks just in the same way as anyone else. The day when this truth really hits home and land within us as an indisputable and obvious fact, the world will take on a different colour. To you the world will appear to be all together different. This one of our greatest mistakes when it comes to our relationships in life. We can stand side by side and experience any event in life but we will always come away with a slightly different experience than everyone else. We have always our own unique viewpoint, we always interpret the situation after what we have up until now experienced and therefore already carry within ourselves. We read into that which we see, things we already believe to be true and we colour that, which we percieve with our own shades of meaning. We bring in the awareness we have towards life our attitudes and ways of how we look upon live with us wherever we go. 

From our view point with our own individual presumptions, i e all that we carry with us, we interpret the experiences we share in life in our own unique way. We may have a discussion over who is right and who is wrong. Indeed it might even be important sometimes if the car was red or blue or if a person locked this or that way. But in many cases our memories from what we saw or was doing is extremely coloured of clusters of feelings, past memories, thoughts, evaluations, mindsets, principles, opinions, ideas, prejudices and so on.

Due to this uniqueness, the roads that you travel deep within yourself, can be nothing but your very own. It can only have your own personal experiences. What you are doing can never ever be experienced by someone else in any way, it can never ever be repeated by someone else. Not by any living being anywhere or at any time on earth. This is a special one time only just for you and nobody else. I has to do with the fact that nobody else can navigate inside your own inner universe. That is way nobody can write a book telling you how to do it. Our inner developement is all about conquering levels of understanding and this must be done on our own. What we can share is pointers or roadsign along the way. What we find on the different levels we can somewhat try and decribe as best we can. Even though it is near enough imossible to fully understand exactly the meaning of this untill we have ourselves reach the insights and understanding we need.

The journey or the "way"

There is only one way to get through life  and it is to live it. Many times life has been described metaphorically as a journey or a passage or even just "the way". Some use the word pilgrimage. The word pilgrim comes from the latin word "pelegrinus" or "peregrinus" meaning stranger or traveller. In the ancient times the pilgrim set out with an aim to reach what they believed to be a holy place and there was many dangers to cope with before they reached their goal. Some did not even survive to tell somone else about it. There is no way you can know or understand what it is to do something without actually doing it yourself first. The same applies to the road to inner knowing or to our own personal development. We can only reach the knowledge by travelling the road. You have to set out on your own inner pilgrimage to reach what you want to know about yourself. The insights is only reached by doing. Not by thinking of how it can be done. This may at first sound like a paradox. As travelling within is mostly done with your mind. But coming back to what and how, those who have walked the path before can have someting useful to share with you. They can alert you to important signs along the way. They might have hinters to give to you that can be helpful if you want to know if you are on the right track or not. They might have good advice when it comes to stumbling blocks on the road.

If you get caught up in you own thinking and it seems that you can't get out of your mental orbits or if you have mentally fallen into an emotional dark hole somewhere and you don't seem to find the strenght to lift yourself out of it, know in your heart of hearts that others have travelled before you. It can be done because it has been done by others. Know that we are many who just like you have set out on a journey - as pilgrims we follow the ancient pathways - somehow constantly on our way. Even though we seem to be still in our body and in this physical world. In our mind we are active. It is only natural that someone goes before you and someone goes behind you. We travel in a secluded ways but since others are also doing it we know we are not alone. As we know that there are many who are searching within, we share this experience and along the way we will recognize each other. The experience we share is in what we are doing, the search itself and that we are searching, even if our paths are totally different.


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2. Basically it is about how we ourselves interpret that which happens to us ....

How do you percieve that which happens to you? It is much more important how you percieve and what you read into, that which happens in your life, than that which actually do happen.

There is a truth in the words; "it is not how it is but how you percieve it to be. This is crucial and so very important. What you yourself add to the event through your own perception and how you percieve what it really means to yourself. Where you yourself will decide to go from there is more determined by your own perception of the event and not so much by what actually did take place.

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3. Our feelings is always with us ...

While we see, hear, think, smell, taste and exists every day our feelings are always there with us. Wherever we go and whatever the hour, night or day they are there and colour everything that we experience in life. In one way or another, in good or bad, they are always there. They are with us and shapes our "filters" through which we percieve the world around us and how we percieve ourself as well as others. They always give us an extra unique dimension to all our experiences in life. 

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