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A process are seldom something that we can see with our own eyes. It is oftentimes something that is either very abstract or something that is very well hidden.  But that which is produced or that which is the fruit of the process can often be seen. An ability we have can be compared with an inner process, that metaphorically "works" in a similar way. The ability as such is not something we can touch or see but that which can come forth thanks to our ability are usually visible, or in some cases heard or maybe felt in some way. 

The ability to think is also a process. The fruits of our thinking are our thoughts. They cannot be seen by others but we usually notice them ourselves. When we act on our thoughts they can usually also be noticed by others. It seems as the process of thinking itself can "work" without our own awareness. It seems as most of or at least some of the thoughts we have are produced without our own "thinking". The thoughts appear to just be there as if they came from nowhere. The mind gets occupied and are filled up with thoughts and as we are the ones that are having them, we presume that they just have to be ours.
In moments of inspiration we often percieve that they do actually  come from somewhere and that we are only a receiver. We might also act on them, but when we are in the flow, it all suddenly stops if we ourselves start to "think". In that sense we are in the state of inspiration - a receiver.

But thoughts can also, and this is the important thing, can also be produced in a way that is grounded in our awareness. We can be aware of what our thinking process is producing and we can be both creative and active in this process. That is when we can say that we ourselves produced our own thinking because we were fully aware of our thoughts during the whole process. We were "there" and we were actually present the whole time. This is when we fill our mind with thoughts that we ourselves have actively chosen. 

The thoughts that we are in control of are the ones that we can easily claim as our own and can hopefully even be proud of. But all the others what are they?



 All that we are is the result
of what we have thought.







"Human beings are made of
body, mind and spirit.
Of these, spirit is primary,
for it connects us 
to the source of everything,
the eternal field of consciousness."
Deepak Chopra

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Our thougts are children of our "sense of thought"

How much of your time do you use for conscious reflection and in your mind going back one more time to think things over? Time where you look over your life and compare it with how it once was with how it is right now. Moments when you think about how or maybe why it came to be as it is. "From the fruit, you will know the tree." While reflecting you  study. Introspection is the study of the nature of your own mind. You study the "inner nature" of your self. It is by seeing and discovering often returning patterns or phases we have gone through in our life that we start to realize that behind all this there is a process, a natural process. We are thus going backward from our discovered result. This can end up in a conclusion drawn from our new insights. Maybe we have come to understand that here is a process and the next step is to figure out what that process really is. By considering the process behind the "fruit", in this case being our thoughts, we can find the reason why the fruits looks the way they do. The fruit or the thought looks like it does because we think the way we do. It has to do with the way we are doing it and this is due to the patterns of our thoughts, our thinking habits or our "thinking process". It is how we go about when we produce our thoughts that we need to take a look at. The thinking system as such produce thoughts because that is what it is made to do, but are we unaware or are we aware of how the system works?

Thoughts are energy with a certain frequency. Anger has its vibes and love has its own. We interpret intentions that are being colored by feelings. When our intentions or wants are being formed or expressed they can travel through space as different kinds of vibrational fequencies. These thought-forms or clouds of energy can sometimes be picked up by the same thinking system that are producing and processing thoughts. This system can interpret these vibrational frequencies of thought. As I see it the sense of thought "read" or interpret or "decode" these frequencies into something that we can understand and new thoughts are being formed. Just as our nose can detects different kinds of smell good or bad. Thoughts travel through space and time and does not strictly remain in our own head. The amount of feeling we attach to them give them their own strenghts. But there is not many of us who have the gift to pick up, listen into or read other peoples thougths at will. And maybe that is just as well. But consider the idea that thoughts are floating around in space and sometimes we pick them up and they become "our" thoughts. And for one reason only, we have them in our head! In this way we could look upon our thinking process as a kind of sense. But of course one may argue that the mind is much more complex than that of our sense of smell for example. Not taking that away we can still use the metaphor.

When we blame others for our bad feelings or we expect others to lift us up when we are down, we are ourselves producing our own thoughts. And oftentimes we continue by bringing forth new ideas to justify why we are right and they are wrong, thinking as we do.

Read not to contradict and confute,
not to believe and take for granted,
not to find talk and discourse,
but to weigh and consider.
Francis Bacon

There is no use being frustrated over our rivers of thoughts or all the words constantly floating around in our head. It is more productive to wake up "the master of you thoughts" within you! In our habitual patterns of thought we find the explanation to why the end product or the thoughts looks the way they do. It has to do with the way we use the faculty we have or our ability to think or how we use our thinking apparatus. We can all learn to use it differently by "waking up" and being or becoming more aware. Start with focusing your thinking around things that you really want to think about. Realize that it is the process behind the words that you need to be more aware of. And one way to start it is to focus on what you want to have in you own head. It is how we use our ability, our "sense of thought", that decide what the outcome will be or how the fruit really will look like. Consider the "master" within you as being the captain within. As an aspect of you, it, him or her can be alerted to take charge of your world of thougths. When no one is in charge it is hard to have order in your head. Thoughts you do not want can easily take over and stay in there for a long time and create caos in your life.

Nothing can bring you peace
but yourself.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The name "Tankesinnet" I have made up, it means "The Thought Sense" I know that it is not how we use to think of our thinking, as a sense, but there is an idea behind this and I will describe it throughout these pages on this website. We can argue that a sense only receive and can not create, shape or mold. But if you keep an open mind to the idea I will be able to descibe the idea I have if you stay with me. But let it just be an idea for the time being.

If we try to see the thinking ability or the process of thought itself as a sense. To make it simple we can take hearing, taste or our sense of smell. For example sounds we can percieve as something that we can hear or experience as hearing sensations with our ears. But behind all this there is a hidden process in our brain that goes on which makes it possible for us to transform frequencies of sound to something we can understand. This transformation of frequencies also takes place in the brain when it comes to taste and smell. Different fragrances and tastes reach our physical organs but the processes in our brain makes them understandable for us. Maybe we like strawberries and think that they taste good, but we seldom think about all the complicated processes behind it all that is needed for the delicious tastes to reach us in a form that we can understand. Fragrancies is something that comes to us through our noses, we interpret these sensations or frequencies of energy and memory helps us to identify it. We do not believe that we own the sensation of smell it is often a more fleeting, passing acquaintance. When we enter a room and hear music in our hears it is also something rather shortlived and neither do we try to claim that we are the music that we are hearing. We enjoy it there and then and thereafter we just let it go. It only remains in our memory.

We can look at thoughts as something that is just passing us by. They are not us and we are not our thoughts. We are an entity that have thoughts that passes and if we can let them go, they will only remain in our memory, where they are but shadows from the past. But by awaken them again and again we make the shadows from the past come alive.

Every thought we have has a cause and it is involved in a hidden process. If we ignore the thinking process itself or the ability that cause our thoughts to come forth and we just focus or mentally "stare" at every thought we will blind ourselves for why they are there and we will only become confused. It does not help us in our understanding the process behind. It will also become very confusing if we do not separate the process of thinking from the thoughts themselves. But if we can study the thinking itself apart from the thoughts that are being produced it may slowly become a little more understandable.

Who or what is it that thinks?

Now, who or what is it that actually thinks? If we would look upon ourselves with an esoteric view we are a spiritual being that now has an experience in a physical form or a human body. That which shapes our being is a small piece of the whole hologramic power of life itself. This power is the very essence behind the energy that maintain the vibrations of the very small atoms and it is the power which makes all the planets in universe stay within their orbits or that is behind the energy that controls the tide of ebb and flow an so on. It can also be called the "cosmic consciousness" or the divinity in "all that is", if you so wish. This power is in itself the very reason or cause behind the process of thought. Without this "power of life" the thought process would not work. Our very essence within is a part of this omnipresent consciousness and it is an hologramic part of the infinite, never ending and limitless consciousness of "All that Is". The consciousness of life exists everywhere, within and without every little and gigantic thing that is.

If we have no peace,
it is because we have forgotten
that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

According to the esoteric way of thinking - this is why we can think at all. Our physical organ the brain exists because we are such an entity with this kind of power of life within us and it is the reason why we have a brain, not the other way around. The power of life does not come to us or our body, we are as spiritual being this very power and this energy shapes bodies. Our consciousness is the reason behind our existence in this world of form. This is how I see it. We are alive in a spirit form that is why we are or even can be born. But when we are within our bodys shaped with flesh, muscles and nerves then we have the ability to feel pain. In total spiritform we do not feel the pain from the body. Thus there is a logical step to see that there can well be different dimensions within own being.

The ability of thinking can be refined and made better by us if we can become more aware of this "inner" consciousness. We can look upon the consciousness as such as something that have different levels or we can imagine us having different "amounts" of awareness. Or that we are aware or open to a certain degree. According to what degree we are capable of opening up and letting go of that which keeps us closed, we can bring in or become more, conscious. Our consciousness is a part of the infinite hologram which has no beginning and no end, the universal cosmic consciousness of all there is. Isn't that enormous? Yes, it truely is, and it is very difficult to mentally grasp. When we try to grasp the idea with our human thoughts it seems to slip away. As this something is impossible to completely relate to. Because it is so hard to grasp most people refuse to think about it.

We can make a choice to use our ability and practice it by trying to think about things like this. As well as read about the ways others have tried to put words on this in many different ways. But we can also make a choice not to think at all on anything that we find hard to grasp or understand. But everyone of us has the possibility to open ourselves up to more consciousness. But first we have to choose to do it.  We must want it and make a decision to do it. All of us have this ability to grow inside by opening up more. When we become aware of our own awareness or we become more conscious of our own consciousness something deep inside us stirs. Something deep inside wakes up and slowly comes alive. When we learn to handle the ability to think with more awareness we will realize that we where not completely awake before. We realize that in our mind we have more or less been living by the "autopilot" and that we where not all together "at home" inside ourselves. We have lived with an "occupied" mind and we where not fully aware of our thoughts as such. There are some people that even refuse to call this occupied mind "thinking". What they mean is that "thinking" is when you  or your "captain" or "master" are in control of your own thinking and you only let thoughts into your mind that you yourself has chosen. Or at least that you only let the thoughts you want remain in your mind. And that you are using your own creativity to create and mentally shape new things according to your own wishes and dreams.  This means that you need some kind of goal or intention in your life. 

All the thoughts that are just "running" around in your head in an "uncontrolled" way are referred to as just having a "busy" mind. In a way we can see it as there is consciousness there or awareness but in a much lesser degree, compare to if we were to have a much greater awareness. When we become more aware of the awareness that exists we may reach for it and by doing so start to open ourselves up to the omnipresent consciousness that is. Of course we cannot be absolutely fully aware of every thought we have all the time in every minute or second of our life. Maybe it is not even a good idea to try. Let's not forget our focus here. What we are striving for is not to be aware of every little thought we think of but to work on mastering the thinking process as such. But as the process is hidden we study the thoughts.

There is a big differens to be awake and aware than living in total unawareness. When we have awaken the "master" within this part of us will be the "supervisor" or the one (or the inner part of us) that watch over the very fruits of our thinking he or she or it is will be told by "the everyday you" what to keep watch over. This will start a process of self-correction. By telling the "master" inside to give the "alarm" when thoughts comes that you do not want,  you can then look over the way you think at that time. In such a way your thoughts will be a way by which you start you inner reflection.

A man is but the product of his thoughts
what he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi

To find the master within search in the deepest and most secret places of your mind and find this "it", "him" or "her" hidden away somewhere in you mind. It is the "master" or the captain of your soul who has gone to sleep somewhere in some very well hidden dark corner within your mind. In our thinking we appear as many but we are one and many at the same time. And the whole is but one. If we place many mirrors in different angles and we see only us - are we many or one? The essens of our spiritual being comes forth in many aspects. It has to do with how we choose to believe it to be. We have masks and roles to play - but we are only one.

Our ability to imagine and our fantasy

To make the thinking process intelligible so it can be completely understood is just as difficult as getting a good grip of a slippery eel. In our mind it is like a mirage in the desert. Many has argued that the one who is observing and that being observed is the same and so it is. And therefore it will be impossible to understand. But nevertheless it is worth trying. At times we really think that we are seeing it clearly and now at last we know and understand. But after a while when we are trying to get into it deeper, it slips suddenly away again and we realize that it is not at all as we believed it to be. If we try to imagine the processes of thinking as something we could make a picture of it could be seen as something large and round containing on the outside a limitless number of facets that could be compared to places of approach. All our answers resides within this round ball or mass of energy and we can try to get close to it in thousands or maybe even millions of different ways. Every facet of approach is one way of doing it nothing more. What we see is actually depending on how we look upon it.

It doesn't really matter were we are when we start our journey inwards. What matters is what we have in our hearts as our desire, and what we are trying to reach for. It is all about where we want to go and what we long for and were we wish to end up. What is your dream like? What is your vision for your life on the whole? Whether we venture out to the world outside us or into the unknown world within us, we need a vision to hold on to, to keep our focus right on target. And since this dream or vision is where you will end up (if you hold on to it strong enough) make sure your vision is something you love and very much want to have or be.

If we want to study the way we think, we usually start with studying our thoughts, the fruits of our thinking. And when we do that we soon realize that we need to see them in an other perspective with a bit of distance. When we are in the middle of the river of thoughts in our mind there is no way we can get any kind of order in them. We need to step back so we can observe them from some distance. In our minds eye we can place us above or beside the river of thoughts and look at them as if they belonged to someone else. Just pretend you can by playing a game in your head and your imagination will soon start to work for you. Just do it as if you already knew how to do it.

The ability we have to imagine things is used by our thinking as a tool. We can look upon the power of imagination as an ability to perceive something within with our inner eye, something that we have already seen in the real world outside, in the physical material reality. The imagination takes what we already have deep inside because we have experienced it and it shows this to us on the inner screen of our mind. The imagination can give us pictures from our memory. And the imagination also tries to help you see what it will look like when you try and create new things in your mind.

It is also possible to perceive music within as if it was played to us and as if we have "inner ears" or an inner "hearing" inside our head, ask a musician. A dancer can perceive movements in the "inner" body how a certain movement could be felt and strive to towards doing it with the physical body and in such a way compare the imagined movement with the "real" one. A painter might see a picture on the screen of his mind and strive to put the picture on a canvas by painting it and so on. 

The ability to perceive things with our imagination is limited only by ourselves and what we consider to be true or possible. If we can open up our belief system in such a way that we are willing to listen to or look upon and sometimes even try anything even if it sounds or looks totaly crazy, we would brake ourselves free from some of these limitations. When we change our beliefs or revaluate things we consider to be true, the limits of our imagination will also change. In some way we could say that the ability to imagine things can move what we perceive as reality into our thought world within. The imagination can place reality into to the world we experience from within. Things from outside can come alive in our mind.

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein

Most people looks upon the imagination and the fantasy as one and the same. And maybe it is. But it could be looked upon to work in two different ways. As being two different kinds of tools. The fantasy is helping us to bring forth things that doesn't exist yet in the form world as we know it. Some of our fantasies might well become manifested into real things. The fantasy could be an ability we use when we created things nobody else have ever seen before or never ever heard of. The most strangest things can be created by fantasy, maybe something hang gliding in the air, travelling to galaxies and back, or travelling into tiny atoms and move through boundaries and limitations we know of today and into areas not yet been discovered. Whatever we create with our fantasy can be imagined but sometimes we cannot even imagine how it would look like. Our imagination has its limits that our fantasy do not always have. The fantasy can come up with ideas that just freezes the imagination into a blank page.

Therefore we could look upon the fantasy as a tool that is being used by our thinking, but in some sense being a little different to the imagination. When using fantasy we create things that sometimes manifest in the form and reality world without and in such a way becomes what we refer to as reality. The things we create from within will then come alive outside ourselves. The fantasy does not demand from us that we can in every way imagine what we perceive with our fantasy. We can also look upon fantasy as the ability that can receive impulses, frequences, perceivable energy that is floating around. By the use of our fantasy we let ourselves flex our antennas and pick up a little thing here and there, ideas, part of pictures, pieces of sounds, emotions, sights, colors and so on. All these little things we try to interpret to something useful and now and again our imagination brings forth something unique and original created by what the fantasy pick up. If we look upon the imagination and the fantasy like this we can see them as two different tools which are being used in the creative process. The can describe different ways the mind works or could be made to work.

When we collect, pile and sort knowledge that we try to learn by heart these tools are seldom used. Even though they can be of help when we struggle to learn to remember things we need to know. The ability to be creative is not something we can learn by repeating something over and over again. Creativeness is a process and thus it is learned more by doing. We just do it and try different ways by trial and error, by making lots and lots of mistakes, readjusting, correcting and by constantly making self-corrections again and again. This is more the way to go when learning a process.

What we perceive as "I" is formed by our own thoughts

What or who is it that thinks? What is or who is the "I" in me? According to a way of looking at this based on an eastern religous philosophy there is nowhere within us a static "I", it does not exist. Do I not exist? Well, we are all of us a part of all that exists and are included in "All that Is" within the universal cosmic consciousness or the "wholeness" or all that is one. "All that Is" is by its very essence an eternal never ending conscious, which is in itself energy. We exists within this omnipresent conscious, we are formed by it and it exists within us all. This cosmic consciousness exists everywhere, within everything and outside and around everything. It even exist in things we do not believe exists because it cannot be seen by us.

Coming back to the sense of "I" within. When we are in need of a point of reference as to from where we wish to describe ourselves being positioned so we can relate to someone or something, we need a point in space to call "I". Then a smaller part of the conscionsness we have within us will express itself in that very moment as a form of "I-ness". When that moment is gone and has passed and this expression is not needed anymore the "I" as we percieve it is gone. The cosmic conciousness is omnipresent all the time but when we have a need to percieve that we exists as a separate entity apart from others we ourself create this feeling of being separate. The "I-ness" of the moment that is expressed is formed according to our own inner individual unique form, mold or pattern if you so wish. Look upon it as a piece of metal with punched holes forming a pattern through which a certain amount of conciousness is being pressed through. Or maybe a mental picture with millions of tiny holes that shapes a picture if a certain color (or consciousness) is pressed through it.  When there is a need we form a concious form or a mental picture that represents an idea of something which we believe ourselves to be. We then create a mental starting-point or somewhere to mentally emanate from. We create a mental "point in space" where we mean are we, ourselves including every little thing we ever experienced in our life.

The form, mold or pattern is shaped by ourself and others through thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs, every little experience we go through and so on and this pattern is changing all the time in every passing moment. Every day we learn something new, experience something, read something or hear something that will all be included into the new you or "I". So every "new printed" you will be fresh and new from the latest second everything included, nothing forgotten (even if we do not remember it).

Our limitless conciousness need to have somewhere to start from or have an anchor-hold, a point that can be used as a center or a hub that will be something our mind can hold on to. This mental point in space we can use when we relate to other separate things in the universe. Here we collect our experiences, here we anchor before we like a bungy jumper take a dive out into the unknown and here we come back and collect ourself after being out there. We need to have a mental place so we know where we are or where we will be when we relate to others or something else, even when we relate to ourselves or the big world all around us. If we did not have an I-point in "space" how could an "I" ever be in a relationship with a "you" or anything else for that matter.

Our patter or mold that shapes our "I" is mostly created from thoughts that we have or have had of ourselves. We are not born with a created already made "I", we create it daily as we go along and as we live our life. For ever creating, shaping, forming and recreating, rearranging that pattern with all that we go through in our life as all of it will have an effect on the pattern itself from which our conciousness takes its form and expression when it creates our "I". The parts that shapes our "I" that comes from someone else is always once upon a time "accepted" by you, you "bought" into it and believed it to be true. Sometimes against your better judgment. That is how it managed to slip pass your own "mind guards". No words can hurt if we refuse to buy into them and refuse to accept them as true. That it why no words can get to you if you just get into the habit of flicking them away as if they were of no consequence to you or if they were not even meant for you. Imagine having "guards" outside your most vulnerable parts of your mind that always would stop every painful word so they never could pass over from the outside to the inside.

But if you start letting the words eat you away and you begin to dwell on them, thinking that they just might be true, later you start to believe that they actually are true - then they better be nice words. What we believe about ourselves can truely make us or brake us. And remember we CAN choose what we want to believe in. Which means that we can choose our own truths. Just because many people say the same thing, does not mean it is a fact it can just be their opinion. Don't believe in hurtful words or things that some people might say, flick the words away don't let them germinate and grow inside of you. Protect your heart by protecting your mind. Clean out every bad thought-seed in your mind. Do not let them take root and grow into something hurtful within you. Title them "not mine" or "not a good one" and just clean them right out!

The utmost and logical consequence of all this would be that we ourselves create the picture of the one that we ourselves percieve us to be. And we are what we ourselves believe us to be. The answer to why we are as we are must then be found in our own world of thoughts. Our own thinking, our thoughts creates the inner picture or the image we have of ourselves in our own mind. From this picture we create the person we are. We are our own creation. We think forth ourself.


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4. Deep down inside germinate your thought seeds 

Your subconscious is just as the rich soil of a garden. In the same way as you sow you seeds in your vegetable garden your own thoughts in time will reach the rich soil of your own subconscious mind and they as well will germinate.

The thought you once had will be the cause of a certain "herb" or "plant" which will grow deep down within in your own subconscious mind, it will be formed from the seed that once was placed there. Somehow this "plant" will be connected to thoughts you have had a long time ago. Every little thougt is a seed.

If we are filled with angry thoughts we will in time grow "angry plants" deep down within. If we think mostly loving and kind thoughts then such are the "herbs" and "plants" we germinate.  All of these plants bear its own kind of fruit. Remember the bitter fruits of resentment?

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5. How do we expand our conscioussness?

When it comes to our degree of awareness and how much consciousness we are able to come in contact with, it is always about us, ourselves. How much am I capable to open up myself? For how long am I able to remain open? What am I protecting myself from? What is stopping me from opening up more? What are my fears? We are standing in the middle of an endless, never ending cosmos of possibilities, can we see them?

The world that we percieve to exist is formed and shaped on a mental framework that we ourself has built within.  We look upon life from our own point of looking. Our own experience limit us from standing in someone elses shoes. We can do our best and try our utmost to be a good person and I beleive we should. But we have our limits.  This has been argued back and forth and many are the horrible things that are talked about to prove this theory to be wrong. The idea has it flaws but to blame someone else does not make good things grow in our life. We can look upon this in many ways and  in some ways it is right nevertheless. To change everything that is wrong according to our way of seeing it, then we need to be all-knowing which none of us is.

People only see
what they are prepared to see.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


But our personal little world that is our life can be made better by this way of thinking. We often get stuck and find it hard to change ourself and we are also many times unwilling to change arguing that someone else must change but not us. We are only allowing ourself to see that which we mentally are capable of percieving as true to us. If sometihing comes along which we consider is too unbelievable we just filter it away. Which means that we will not even become aware of it. That which we cannot see will be hold back by filters that we deep down within have created ourselves. That is kind of strange, don't you think?

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