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In every atom there is motion and motion generates energy. Energy is vibration, which can be read as specific frequencies. Each frequency speaks of a certain type of energy and therefore separates the different energies from each other. Energy  can carry information.

If this information is an intent, aim or purpose then its is logical to interpret that different types of energy can carry a purpose and intention. Or it may be expressed as; energy might be able to carry information or have "consciousness" or "awareness" with a certain kind of content. 

If that could be possible then we could look upon energy as if they had purpose and direction, maybe even a longing or a will to bring forth something.

The next question might then be; who or what is it that long for or has a will that want something? When we study the nature we see a strong will to live and grow. We can see this in animals and plants as well as in (most) human beings. Nature wants to develop and it wants life to survive. Nature wants to expand, multiply and get better at survival. We are a definite part of nature. So by studying natures way we can find answers about the nature which we are a part of. And also find answers about the nature of ourselves.




The most beautiful experience we can have,
is the inexplicable.

Albert Einstein

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The Self - the hallmark of our individuality

When a mystic talks of getting rid of or letting go of the ego it is about expressing the level of enlightenment where we can fully open up for the cosmic consciousness in such a way that we no longer are limited by the "I-ness" form or pattern. The form which our limited consciousness use to express the one we believe ourselves to be.

We can also choose to look upon this form or pattern as a filter or a veil, behind which we are living unable to see things clearly. When we look upon the world through a filter everything on the other side will be colored by what this filter contain. In which everything we have experienced during our lifetime are collected and it becomes our individuality. The clear essence of who we are, the spiritual part of us, the consciousness of "All that Is" becomes known to us only by what we interpret from the other side of the veil or the filter, that which is us. When we need our "I" we bring forth our filter and through this we filter some of the cosmic omnipresent consciousness and by this procedure we give it our own personal "hallmark". We shape an individual expression of what this filter of ours shows or means is us or who we are. This is the way we display ourselves for the world to see and also for ourselves to see. This is what looks back at us in the mirror.

The aspect of us or part of us that are completely blinded by what this filter creates, that is the "ego". The ego would like to believe that there is nothing behind or beyond the filter or the pattern that shapes us. The ego wants to believe that the only thing that exists is this creation that can be seen in the mirror and this is static and will not change. This is what the ego calls "my own self" or "this is who I am". Another way to describe this is to talk about the illusion, but that is another story.

We can also choose to look upon the self as a mask. A mask used on the theatrical stage of life itself, behind which we are the ones who gives life, energy or power to the mask and the role. All our concentrated efforts go into this performance which we perceive we have a duty to do well, while forgetting who or what it is that is behind the mask. The mask gives us permission to play certain roles which we think is an expression of how we perceive our "I" to be. But when we remove the mask, it is all revealed. It is just a created illusion. As a metaphor the mask is what we believe we are but that which is behind the mask is pure essence, life itself.

Thoughts are brainwaves with different frequencies 

Back to the thinking. What are thoughts? Thoughts are waves of energy of a certain frequency of vibration. What does this mean? It works much like a radio. Thought energy moves through time and space. When we think the passive essence of life or the power of the universal mind transforms into a frequency that becomes energy with intent. Our feelings give this energy its special flavor and passion. Our intent sets this energy in motion and gives it a certain direction. These waves of energy or thoughts make a certain part of the brain vibrate and from there these waves will move through the eternity. And it will echo through the rest or the cosmos. Have you heard of the "butterfly effect?

Whatever way we think, do or react can never be undone. Our body will be the first to be effected by our own particular energy. Later we also affect others whom we have around us. Our thoughts or brain waves with its special frequency radiates out from us. That is how we "spread our vibes" to other people around us. The people we meet will be affected, but so will animals and even plants and nature. They will be "reading" what is "in your mind" in a way that we can call a subconscious way or an intuitive way.  As parts of us starts to vibrate in the same or close to same way, our body will in its own way interpret these vibration. Every part of us that can put any "meaning" to this motion within will inform you about what "it thinks" is going on within you. We will get an interpretation on an emotional level or a subconscious level. But as we have this "feeling" it will also be thought of in some way. We could look upon it that even our thinking faculty has a way of interpreting frequencies and especially such frequencies that is within the wave-lengths of thoughts. Or we could play with the idea that on some level the "Sense of Thought" picks it up and interpret the frequency into a thought that brings meaning to it. On an emotional level it will be interpreted into feelings and sometimes we can even "feel" how others think.

This means that we walk around in "clouds" of thoughts all the time, both our own and others. We are constantly surrounded by this "thought-energy". We stand in it, walk in and out of it; we get marinated in it day out and day in, all our life. Does it affect us? Now, what do you think? Does it? When we pick up emotions and thoughts it is mostly done on a subconscious level. But theoretically we have all the equipment we need to be mind-readers all of us. Luckily enough there is we few people who can do this at will, if any. But under certain circumstances it can happen and I am sure that we all have a story to tell about when we actually knew exactly what someone was thinking. Anyway this could mean that we could probably learn the skill if we knew how. What I believe happens it that we without understanding or knowing it from time to time "pick up" other people thoughts and believing them to be our own thoughts. As I see it they exists as brain waves outside us and can thus be "read" or interpreted by our brain or our essence, that we could call "energy-bodies".

We can look upon this as if thoughts "exist" everywhere. They can be found in greater amount where people think a lot, just as fragrances or certain smells can be found in certain places. Or certain tastes can be found where certain things can be found that has a particular taste. A special kind of song from a bird can be found where a certain kind of bird can be found. Therefore we can find certain kinds of thoughts floating around in the air or space where a certain kind of thinking is done. For example thoughts regarding football will be found in abundance where football is trained or played or watched and thoughts about philosophical things in places where we can find a lot of philosophers meeting and talking often. If we find it difficult to digest that we may pick up other peoples thoughts, maybe it is easier to see the fact that we pass on or are being "infected" by others feelings. As we all know it is a lot easier to be happy and light hearted among a lot of happy people than it is to be happy among angry or afraid people, even if we do not know why they are afraid or angry. We feel these vibes and we start to feel uneasy, we want to know what's going on.

The idea that other people thoughts can be contagious can at first sound a bit strange. Some people might feel that the idea that some of their own thoughts could be coming from someone else as a quite troublesome thought. It depends on how much control the ego has on us. The ego does not like this idea at all. The ego looks upon the mind as a whole as its own sacrosanct principality. The ego has its idea of integrity and would not appreciate the idea that other people thoughts may have "free access" to its territory. The ego thrives and flourishes on thoughts that life and things in this world exists only in certain ways, its world is very sharply divided and the ego wants to have full control over what it is considering as being "mine" and strictly "my" own. When something inside us seems to scream "it's mine and nobody else's", then we can be sure that the ego is fighting its battles inside us.

It is when we are letting our mind wander aimlessly and we are not consciously thinking that we are most vulnerable for this kind of thought confusions. It is when our thinking apparatus is on "autopilot", that we are most inclined to pick up and integrate others' thoughts with our own as well as the feelings that accompany them. When we are not aware and our mind seem to be producing thoughts from nothing and nowhere and we perceive them as just popping up, then we could have been "infected" by someone else's thinking. When we are aware of this "risk or opportunity", depending on how we see it, we can much easier shake off both feelings and thoughts that we do not want or like. But we can also use this and for example visit places where we think we might be able to "pick up" some inspiration for something we are working on. If you find this hard to believe you can begin to consider how the mind goes when you are in certain places where there are only a few people and then compare it when you are in a big city, such as on a friday afternoon when everyone is on the way home from work. How easily we tend to sync in with the inflated tempo and the rhythm pulsing all around us. Try to stop and breath slowly, stand still and just observe, on a day like this, be as calm as you possibly can, stand by the side and take in the picture of people rushing by and then make up your mind not to do as they do. Walk slowly and calmly in the midst of them and observe your own experience.

When we hear something new and strange for the first time we might work hard on resisting it. It is perfectly natural to do so. We need time to reflect and digest. Some things take years before we can fully accept and digest them. So be patient, take your time and let the foreign or strange things just "be" don't worry about them. But to help yourself in this process, make in your own mind a mental room where you can allow yourself to think about these things "as if it could be true" now and then for a while. In your mind you can visit this "mental room" and continue to view things that today may seem just "to far out" to be true. When you are there you can fantasies and imagine things as much as you like and when you are ready, you can step out of this mental room and you can look back and giggle over yourself being a bit silly if you wish. You don't have to commit to a certain belief of anything just allow yourself to play with the thoughts "as if..." for a while.  Paint you mental pictures and test them against your opinions and your conceptions. What would change if this was true? By this way of thinking, you train your mind to be flexible, tolerant and by your own will it remains open until you have thought things over.


Conscious Energy

The consciousness "wants" something or has an intention that makes it have a direction and "purpose" just as nature does. When we study nature we see a multitude of patterns. Nature wants to grow and live but in nature we also see things that grow and live brake down, it dies, decays and later disappear all together. These patterns, phases or cycles in nature have been studied by people since time began in every corner or the earth. Seasons come and seasons go, day follows night, tide goes out and tide comes in, just like death and birth follow each other. Something in cosmos keeps the planets in their orbits and even that energy has an intention or a purpose for those planets. Therefore it could be a logic assumption to consider the idea that your part of the Universal Mind within or the principle of Life within you wants something or have a purpose. This urge within can be felt inside as desires or longings for something or at least as a restlessness. We may want or desire things in life but how we handle and express these will be due largely to our own individual personality. But the phases or cycles in nature will help us understand that there is such a thing as natural processes and patterns. This insight will help us when we journey within ourselves and in detail study our own patterns of thought and the different internal natural processes of our individual thinking.

Against Nature argues not the wise, but learns by studying it. And when the lessons are digested the wise uses the insights to navigate after Natures conditions. That is truly to live in wisdom. A good sailor never argues with winds and waves, but learns how to use them the best he can. It is the same way with life itself. If we learn by studying our inner nature, we can use this knowledge and navigate a lot better by the internal nature's conditions. We need not be in a school to study this. Life has lessons for us every day from which we can learn if we are awake and willing to observe and reflect. By living life itself we can always learn every day for the rest of our life. If we are but willing to learn.



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6. The thought shapes the illusion

The pictures we have in our minds are created by ourselves and by our internal thinking. The way we perceive that which we are facing in the world is based on earlier assumptions that we have already made about it. We live in a world and see it according to our own pre-established beliefs, on some level we have already made a decision about what we expect life to be. Before we even open our eyes we have decided what it is that we are about to see. And this is especially true when it comes to how we interpret the unfolding situations that we happen to find ourselves in. This is to live in an illusion. When this insight reaches us and we truly understand that this is the illusion, then we can start to take the next step forward and continue to the next level of understanding.

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To be continued.


7. Thoughts acts like energy 

Energy cannot disappear. It can either be concentrated, expanded, transformed, absorbed or refelcted. But the essence of the energy will always remain in some form or other. Energy can get into a form, out of a form and it is always changing, always moving. The energy that we are surrounded by and exists within us has always existed. Energy is constant motion - without movement there is no energy. Thoughts are energy. And we live in an ocean of motion, tiny andmovements in high speed or a multitude of vibration frequencies. 

It is energy that keeps everything toghether, not only the matter which we can see, but also "things" that we cannot see with our physical eyes. Einstein said, "Everyting is energy". There is a world that "exists" on a an energetic level and this is the world of thoughts.

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To be continued.